Flame Fractals like

I’ve being developing secretly what I think will extend Blender image sinthesys capabilities unlimited: Math exploration of iterated fractalfunction sets (something similar to flame fractals in 3D, but sligtly different)

Note the orange one are ligthed with two colored ligths, it true color is green

This are only preliminary test, this development will be continued once the critical functionality are done

Flame Fractals like

6 thoughts on “Flame Fractals like

  1. Wim says:

    I want to thank you for your precious time developping these excellent volumetric things in Blender! Really, you can see that you work very passionate to implement this with a fast speed of development! I’m sure every Blender user is watching your progress. Keep up the excellent work!
    Once finished (and I know a true artistic coder is never finished) you deserve a maximum for your thesis!


  2. WOW. These are just beautiful. I remember using the flame plugin for The GIMP and being impressed, so I’m really excited about playing with these in 3D. I hope the parameters can be animated 🙂


  3. gaalgergely says:

    on the ba.org forums i was a little skeptical due to this new feature appearing around the time of april 1 and because of other facts.
    however im pleased that my concerns where proved to be wrong 🙂
    thanks for working on this, the blender community will greatly benefit from such a great render extension.


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