12 thoughts on “Small cheesse test

  1. grafixsuz says:

    Jaw hits the ground every time I open your blog. Cheese, nicely done!

    Dude, you are so fast… I mean do you get enough time to sleep? Just take good care of your health while you work, and study, o.k.! You have won a lot of people respect dude. Thank you!


  2. Rogério perdiz says:

    I agree with everyone, this is amaising work you’re doing and opens roads to allot of story writing possibilities that I previusly wouldn’t atempt. Great work… someone should do some kind of “Oscars awards” for the blender developers, you deserve a prise :yes:


  3. foreward says:

    This will be about the most vital improvement to Blender since raytracing itself. This will certainly bring Blender one step closer to high-end.

    What you are doing is absolutely fantastic, and will be a leap forward for all of us.

    on behalf of everyone involved with blender and the opensouce movement, thank you SO much.


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