Artistic side

I have showed my work to the plastic artists here in my city and they are shoked! (Previously I participated in many expositions with digital art, using blender of course, so I know many of them) They want that I make a personal expo, and I accept, but when finish the proyect and will be part of my vacation.

Artistic side

12 thoughts on “Artistic side

  1. Congratulations on the artistic recognition!

    You were bound to get plenty of technical recognition from the Blender community for your excellent work, but it is nice to see the other aspects of your efforts being appreciated as well.

    Although, what is programming if not another artform? But that’s a different discussion. Keep up the good work.


  2. jay3d says:

    Awesome stuff!!, i hope it will be included in 2.50!,

    a little correction:
    it’s “project” not “proyect”

    and the title “proyect to brings volumetrics to blender”

    instead write “A project that brings true volumetrics into blender”

    Thanks for your work!


  3. Raoul says:

    Just read your long message on the bf-committers@ mailing list.

    Don’t get discourage by critics. Take your time to finish your project and polish the code before showing it to us. And of course, continue to have fun coding the volumetrics!

    Regarding the UI work, I think your approach is good: implement the core rendering stuff first and the UI can wait.
    I’ve never understood people who starts coding an UI before really thinking to how the feature should be implemented below.

    I have a couple a Blender projects in mind that started with nice UI, but the actual feature in the “engine” was incomplete (eg. not supporting anti-aliasing, not compatible with other important features,…) and never got finished.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. My greatest appreciation to this community and to the owner and members of this blog. I really appreciate your unity, you cooperation, and your love to the subject of this blog.


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