8 thoughts on “Floating low clouds

  1. Delter says:

    This is some incredible work! Thank you a lot for the time and work you’ve put into this. I hope this patch will make it into the 2.50 release.


  2. dsp_418 says:

    Ok, now I’ve got the truth behind this project: it’s easy, you are not human!! 🙂
    this is incredible, really!
    man, the images you’re posting here are absolutely awesome.
    You know what? doesn’t matter if one day we’ll see this patch into blender or not, this wip worth the visit itself!!
    mmmhh… no, I’m kidding 🙂
    we want this patch! 😀
    thanks for your work


  3. Man, show me how you’re doing this?! Please keep up the great work with your project to have us be able to make realistic clouds and flames! Your volumetrics for Blender look better than some professional work I’ve seen with 3ds Max, but that could be because of the artists…but still, great work!


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