Why I take so long to update

There’s many things out of my control, not everything go as smooth as I want (either as sharp)

this is a tipic schedule in my day:

wake up at 11:00 am

go to school till 6:00 PM

working in my house from 8:00 pm till 10:00 pm

have a meeting with my local friends till midnigth

coding till 4:00 AM when I go to sleep.

Some days I have more work than others, more visits than others or in the school I have assigments…

I guess this is a little boring but everyone have a bit of boring in his life.

Other times when I go to connect to internet the place are full and I have to pospose it till the other day.

But dont worry, because from the beginning I said that most of the work will be 80% offline and that prevent distractions. Also coding at midnigth have the advantage of absolute silence and a good temperture for the PC (at midday even idle the micro temp are always at 64 degrees).

Why I take so long to update

8 thoughts on “Why I take so long to update

  1. UglyMike says:

    Don’t worry, you’re doing great! We are all routing for you and looking at the incredible pace of progress you’re making. We won’t get mad if you skip a couple of days…..


  2. toontje says:

    UglyMike, I think you did a tracert too much. ;b

    Likewise, don’t worry. You may think that it is easy, but I think it has very deep implications code wise. Nobody in their right mind would expect that a first time Blender coder should finish this year even. I mean, how many Google Summer of Code projects ended in the graveyard?


  3. Ruddy says:

    Indeed, you have done a giant work in a few months!
    so relax a little, it does matter if it takes some years:
    You must know Daniel Genrich, the man who has made the incredible work behind the cloth modifier: He has “sacrificed” himself to make this gift:
    Indeed, by working to much, he has damaged his hands, so keep cool…


  4. yeah man, relax! you’re doing such awesome work!!!
    i actually thought you were working incredibly quickly considering what it is you’re coding 🙂


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