Backup often, backup early…

Yesterday, after returning from my clases I turn on the PC and Oh! …………………………….

it dosen’t boot up, and gave me an I/O error on sector 0,1,2,…,9 of the first HDD.

The frecuently short blackouts of the electricity power take the first victim. Luckly I have maked backups every nigth I go to sleep so I did’nt lose work (but I do lose a HDD).

It was a sign, because I were to confident with the work and after all everything that are digital are ethereal

So now Im double the frecuency of backups and try to save it in as many places as I can.

Dont worry, everything are fine now (But I do get a panic attack yesterday).

Backup often, backup early…

9 thoughts on “Backup often, backup early…

  1. Your work looks awesome!

    Do you have a way of accepting PayPal donations? I’m sure that a number of people wouldn’t mind making small donations to pay for new hardware like the replacement hard drive, or even a backup one, in return for your hard work in getting this cool functionality into Blender I’d definitely send over $20 – what price is a new hard drive over there ( in order to get an idea of how many donations you’d need )?



  2. Vic says:

    Bro, that stuff is awesome, I can’t wait to have it to play a little bit, 😉
    I think we all are waiting!!! (but be aware because you must know that some agents from 3dsmax and maya, are looking for you, they are so ashamed! so, be careful, they want to kill you!!!!, after this, they will be crying over the dust, don’t tell any body….hahaha!)…. about your graphics, please can you tell me the sizes of everything banner, background… etc… tell me about the style you want the blog to have…. you know, any information will help!!!


  3. ZombieJohn says:

    if it’s at all possible you should really invest in a UPS, or (U)ninteruptable (P)ower (S)upply. They have batteries in the event of a power failure, and usually have regulators and/or breakers in case of a spike.


  4. This project is awesome!
    I want to see screenshots of regular 3D objects intersection with volumetrics and multiple volumetrics intersecting each other. I want to see how well that works out. 🙂


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