Thanks to all !

I sincerely want to thank to all the people that have helped me in one way or another, ranging from critics, suggestions, information, presents, donations to simply lend me a hand when I got troubles (that ultimately seems that get increased because I get restricted the conection even more to the point that I  barely could surf some pages)

This list is far from comlpete and if I forgot someone please forgive me:

(the name order are not significant)



kareka,pildanovak,Felix_Kutt,Dsp,Kernond,Tkast,Daniel Genrich,Daniel Salazar,



Thanks to all !

10 thoughts on “Thanks to all !

  1. TKCast says:

    It is we that have to thank you, for your great work!

    ps: i’m once again working with scientific data visualization! \o/


  2. When will you be finished?
    Or is one of those things where its never finished
    (example: blender(it just gets better))

    Can’t wait to use the volumetric magic you all have made possible.


  3. this is only 1/3 of what is left, so may be is more like blender, that should be released in early stages of development and not wait until it gets finished (the respected software never gets finished)
    But I hope make a release for the next week


  4. Hunkadoodle says:

    Always glad to help! You’re doing a service that the whole community will reap benefits from. You are the one we should be thanking! Shoulda, woulda, coulda! Thank you for all your hard work so far! I’m super excited at what this means for the future of Blender!


  5. Enrique Arceo(eonmach) says:

    Lo sabía hermano, lo sabía, Cuba siempre ha gozado de grandes mentes, y afortunadamente Blender fué “victima” de una de ellas, la implementación es impresionante, simplemente genial, te felicito y espero poder tener el honor de conocerte algún día, no te rindas nunca, y sigue, que con tu habilidad puedes conquistar cualquier meta. Saludos desde México, hermano, y gracias por recordar un sencillo mail. Y ten paciencia, tus esfuerzos serán recompensados un día, de eso nos encargamos todos los que vivimos para y de Blender.


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