Next steps to come…

Hi all:

This week I could not upload new content dew to the exams and the UI
coding. Hopefully by next week I will have ready the build and the patch
for other builders compile it for the rest of the OSs and the coders
review it and jave some fun also 😉

I will try to post it here and in GraphicAll and from there to the
world… the ultimate backup 😉 .

There still many things left, but this will represent a litle stop in the
road to catch up breath to continue on and though I’m not adding nothing
new to the volumetrics research world, consider this as my legacy to
blender for now and in some ways it will make easier the promising road to
volumetrics in the future for Blender and any raytracing based render, as
the code I implemented are fully raytraced based.

I think that as the computing power grow exponentially volumetrics will
became more importants to CG Industries, raytracers few years ago where
an expensive solution for 3D and now are even realtime, raycasters , few
years ahead will be a cheap solution also.

So, why dont have now a first glimpse of the future in Blender ?     🙂


Next steps to come…

3 thoughts on “Next steps to come…

  1. afalldorf says:

    Yay a build can’t wait! ; )
    Really your work is inspiring. I wish I had half of your coding abilities. But alas my skills are limited to basic C++ and HTML. I wouldnt even know where to start to learn this stuff.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!


  2. foreward says:

    hey man, great work again! this is really REALLY impressive, I am sure that you’ll find no problem finding employment. This will definitely pay off for not only us users but you professionally as well. I think we all can agree you are perhaps one of the most talented and fast programmers on Earth.


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