9 thoughts on “UI preview

  1. Egan McComb says:

    Wow, that looks really nice. You have done a very good job!
    I’m really looking forward to the code/builds for this.
    Note: You have some typos. 😉
    defult should be default (Scattering Panel)
    dihther should be dither (Volumetrics Panel)


  2. vilda says:

    looks good so far, I have expected much more clutter with those 60 promised parameters, and this seems readable and understandable. Good job, as all the time through the project.


  3. I was thinking…
    In the UI maybe you could add a button that bakes the volume into a mesh?
    for simulations, and other stuff of that sort…
    (I don’t know How that would be possible (just an idea))
    Looks like lots of variables! pure awesomeness!


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