Dark times and…

Hi all

During vacations all the servers of my school are shut down, so I
will be off line for the whole august. So don’t worry if I don’t seem to
In september with the regular courses, things will return to their “normal”
state. For that reason I was in a hurry to make the release before the
big black out 😉

For the next weeks I am to upload the rectified tutorials and new ones about
making clouds, using UV mapping for volumetrics,shadows, scattering etc.

Good news: In the past weeks I received a huge help from Marc, he sent me through a friend coming to Cuba a lot of resources from the internet that will keep me in the light for the vacations and I also received yesterday 2 presents: one from Grafixsuz with the BBB DVDs and another from bugman_2000 (Tony Mullen) with the book “Introducing character animation in Blender”:

I just have to say WOOOW!!!!

Thanks one more time to those friends scattered across the world!!!!


Dark times and…

Example of animated volumetric


Dear visitors, this a friend of Farsthary

As he is disconnected, here is an appetizer with a standard volumetric texture animation

Please download the blend file (with an extended UI layout for more comfort) and tweak it to discover the possibilities!

Important: if you want to re-use a volumetric material with a new object, do not forgive to enter the object name (ex: Cube) inside the “Map input” section the material panel.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary version and that there will be (if the dev is not stopped) a lot lot more goodies and a UI overhaul, but hurry up to give your comments because he will lost his internet connection in August (university closed)

If you like it, please support the Blender Foundation and improve your CG artistic skills by buying the blender foundation open content DVDs and books (for both beginners and artists who want to widden their pipeline) and considering even small donations to the selfless devs who are planting beautiful flowers and let the others freely grow them and make private benefits… 🙂

As it is open content materials (=sharing allowed), you can speak with CG enthusiastic friends to share the expenses and thanking the devs (kind words, presents…): The more they receive, the more they will show gratitude and make coding miracles 🙂

Kind regards


Example of animated volumetric

Answers to some remarks

> Here is a remark from a dev (Broken):
> “Hey there, judging from what I’ve seen so far, this looks very cool
> indeed. One thing that I think still needs a bit more work and thought, is
> the UI aspects from on how it integrates with Blender’s material system
> from a user’s workflow point of view.

I know the workflow is odd, I made it only provisional to get access to
the blender features, once all the parts beging to fit in place then I
will need to do a UI overhaul to untegrate it to blender possible with the
help of the devs.

>I think it’s currently lacking in this regard, and doesn’t follow some of
>Blender’s conventions (i.e. disabling the texture still renders it).

The main intention of disabling a texture and still renders it was to
make the interior volumetrics visible without show the surface texture,
Im sure there’s other ways to do that (in shader tree volumetrics the
tricks are even more stranges) but this workflow where the frist that I
found because I still dont know many of the blender inners. This is also
temporaly, please someone send me solutions know of any.

>(VolUB in the map into panel should  be deactivated, should be a residual
>from your current build that has been included…).

VolUV is not a residual, indeed are very important for volumetrics UV,
its just that I havent made yet the docs for using it. The fact that is
by default on is bad because it alters the render form for even non UV
volumetrics so exept for them it should be set off.

> Thus, the default values should be always set too show a typical
> volumetric
> (ex: the power factor was by default to 0)

Im aware of that but I dont know how to properly initialize the values? I
have trued in the material_ini or so (I don remeber well) but still dont
get initialized (Ideas?)
Also a note, the raytraced recursion are incremeted to 10000, as before
was only to 10, because in some set ups you need to see more far than 10
ray recursions.

> Except this, the biggest issue to me is the integration with the parenting
> system:
> ex: open the basic blend:
> – parent the cube to the plane and click duplivert –> cubes set on the
> vertex
> (ex: to make clouds fusion or dissociation)
> – render –> only the original cube

Yes, this is a big issue but mainly dew to my lack of knowledge of blender
integration, I think that should feasible with a good orientation, it is
in my todo list.

> To my mind, this is impossible to do so many things in such a few time
> without other codes assistance…   When will your graduation take place?

I also think that, many of the issues regarding blender integration
should be easily solved if I where in better conditions regarding my
iternet issue, being in touch with the devs are very important in this
stage, but again I will do my best to solve this.

Answers to some remarks

About help documentation

In a few days I will make more documentaton regarding the advanced
features like Scattering, Composite ops, shadows, reflections, raysplit,
mapping types (UV,world,object) and Image,Shader tree and stack

In vacations, I could not conect weekly, im afraid that should be longer
and the whole August all the servers here will be shutting down till
september, but dont worry because I still work off line and meanwhile
learn new stuffs for moving to datasets volumetrics, and off course, fix
and improve the current implementation of interior media volumetrics based
on your suggestions and help

About help documentation


Finally I get the first build of volumetrics, as a suggestion download
first the documentation (english or spanish) and the test suite, then the Build:


Mac leopard (intel) (Thanks Jens!)

Win32 (Thanks Travisdk!)

Mac Power PC (Thanks Chris!)

Win32 SVN for Pentium IV or above (Thanks JMS!)

– …(Check Graphicall)

– or from the sources (2.46) through this clean patch (Thanks again Travisdk!)

and start by opening the .blends to see some nice set ups, Ranging from Procedural
stack of textures, to simple nodes set ups, and image based volumetrics.

There’s still many things that I announced before but where not ready for
test build.

I hope you like it and send me feedbacks please!


Hi, this is a friend from Farsthary: I have created and I am seeding the whole torrent package (sources + things above except the non-linux builds (done after))