About help documentation

In a few days I will make more documentaton regarding the advanced
features like Scattering, Composite ops, shadows, reflections, raysplit,
mapping types (UV,world,object) and Image,Shader tree and stack

In vacations, I could not conect weekly, im afraid that should be longer
and the whole August all the servers here will be shutting down till
september, but dont worry because I still work off line and meanwhile
learn new stuffs for moving to datasets volumetrics, and off course, fix
and improve the current implementation of interior media volumetrics based
on your suggestions and help

About help documentation

9 thoughts on “About help documentation

  1. Joel says:

    Could you also explain how to create the smoke effect you used to create clouds ( a page or 2 back ) ?
    i’ve been trying to create those but failed, help would be appreciated 🙂


  2. Jens says:

    Hi Farsthary
    again thanks for you hard work !!
    I have a question about texture-moving.
    Iám trying to realize moving clouds, but if i deactivate the tex-channel, to only look inside the volume, the ipo stops working too, so the map-offset
    is not longer animated ( with tex on it works )
    Any idea how to workaround that ?

    Greetings from Hamurg/Germany….Jens


  3. Marcus says:


    Thanks for all your amazing work!

    Especially for documentation, that makes things a lot more accessible!

    Greets from Freiburg/ Germany


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