Answers to some remarks

> Here is a remark from a dev (Broken):
> “Hey there, judging from what I’ve seen so far, this looks very cool
> indeed. One thing that I think still needs a bit more work and thought, is
> the UI aspects from on how it integrates with Blender’s material system
> from a user’s workflow point of view.

I know the workflow is odd, I made it only provisional to get access to
the blender features, once all the parts beging to fit in place then I
will need to do a UI overhaul to untegrate it to blender possible with the
help of the devs.

>I think it’s currently lacking in this regard, and doesn’t follow some of
>Blender’s conventions (i.e. disabling the texture still renders it).

The main intention of disabling a texture and still renders it was to
make the interior volumetrics visible without show the surface texture,
Im sure there’s other ways to do that (in shader tree volumetrics the
tricks are even more stranges) but this workflow where the frist that I
found because I still dont know many of the blender inners. This is also
temporaly, please someone send me solutions know of any.

>(VolUB in the map into panel should  be deactivated, should be a residual
>from your current build that has been included…).

VolUV is not a residual, indeed are very important for volumetrics UV,
its just that I havent made yet the docs for using it. The fact that is
by default on is bad because it alters the render form for even non UV
volumetrics so exept for them it should be set off.

> Thus, the default values should be always set too show a typical
> volumetric
> (ex: the power factor was by default to 0)

Im aware of that but I dont know how to properly initialize the values? I
have trued in the material_ini or so (I don remeber well) but still dont
get initialized (Ideas?)
Also a note, the raytraced recursion are incremeted to 10000, as before
was only to 10, because in some set ups you need to see more far than 10
ray recursions.

> Except this, the biggest issue to me is the integration with the parenting
> system:
> ex: open the basic blend:
> – parent the cube to the plane and click duplivert –> cubes set on the
> vertex
> (ex: to make clouds fusion or dissociation)
> – render –> only the original cube

Yes, this is a big issue but mainly dew to my lack of knowledge of blender
integration, I think that should feasible with a good orientation, it is
in my todo list.

> To my mind, this is impossible to do so many things in such a few time
> without other codes assistance…   When will your graduation take place?

I also think that, many of the issues regarding blender integration
should be easily solved if I where in better conditions regarding my
iternet issue, being in touch with the devs are very important in this
stage, but again I will do my best to solve this.

Answers to some remarks

6 thoughts on “Answers to some remarks

  1. travisdk says:

    Hi Farsthary !
    As you may know I made some win32 builds of your superior volumetrics and I see on the bf-commiters forum etc that the patch file originally sent out is not working. This is true – it looks to me like the output from a diff process or something – not the patch itself. I have made a patch file available for the volumetrics against the 2.46 release source code. You can find it here:

    What this can be used for is if you have the source for 2.46 release (clean) and apply this patch (with subversion/tortoisesvn) you will end up with source code you need to compile volumetrics.

    What I think would be an important next step is to make a branch specific for volumetrics in the SVN repository.
    Devs like broken or others should be able to arrange this for you.

    I really hope you progress with this because it is really a worthwhile effort !

    Best regards


  2. Blendiac says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with all of this Farsthary. With just a couple of small UI and other bits out of the way, I have a feeling that your work is going to get Project Durian (Peach +1) dropping peopples jaws. I’m personally excited like a little kid to get to play with volumetrics. One of my all time favourite plugins used to be Afterburner for 3DS Max which only did volumetric clouds and smoke. Your work looks infinitely more flexible.

    Thank you again!



  3. D says:

    stunning work so far Farsthary! Your efforts are greatly appreciated. With a few refinements, I hope to see this in the next blender build. Thank you very much for your contribution to many new creations that will arise from such dedicated work on your behalf.


  4. Jens says:

    I must add, that in my OSX-build, the dupliverts are fully functional.
    It renders all duplies as expected.



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