Example of animated volumetric


Dear visitors, this a friend of Farsthary

As he is disconnected, here is an appetizer with a standard volumetric texture animation

Please download the blend file (with an extended UI layout for more comfort) and tweak it to discover the possibilities!

Important: if you want to re-use a volumetric material with a new object, do not forgive to enter the object name (ex: Cube) inside the “Map input” section the material panel.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary version and that there will be (if the dev is not stopped) a lot lot more goodies and a UI overhaul, but hurry up to give your comments because he will lost his internet connection in August (university closed)

If you like it, please support the Blender Foundation and improve your CG artistic skills by buying the blender foundation open content DVDs and books (for both beginners and artists who want to widden their pipeline) and considering even small donations to the selfless devs who are planting beautiful flowers and let the others freely grow them and make private benefits… 🙂

As it is open content materials (=sharing allowed), you can speak with CG enthusiastic friends to share the expenses and thanking the devs (kind words, presents…): The more they receive, the more they will show gratitude and make coding miracles 🙂

Kind regards


Example of animated volumetric

3 thoughts on “Example of animated volumetric

  1. musk says:

    Hello Frasthary,

    started playing with your code and although I don’t even understand half of it I’m quite impressed. One thing I wanted to ask is is it possible to provide z-buffer data for the volumetrics in order to composite them later on?
    I discovered that volumetric produce a white z-buffer (all values are equal) in the node compositor.
    There also seems to be some problems if you do not use the same texturespace (same object in obj field) when using more then one texture. And scatter doesn’t seem to work in my example could you provide an example or a more advanced tutorial?

    And last but not least where are we supposed to post official bug reports? In the blender bug tracker?

    Great work and thank you so much… hope this makes it into a official release.



  2. delic says:

    Hi, I made exactly the same anim with a “firelike” volumetric, animating the vol using an empty and changing also the size of the texture.
    The result is not very sexy I think, when using auto shape …
    To get really amazing volumetric anims we should have a “phase” function for the procedural textures, to change them over time without moving them or size them.

    I played a lot with the win build to understand how it works and I must say it’s really amazing, smart, easy to set-up. Congrats. Now waiting for complete doc. I didn’t understand well how the auto-shape works.


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