Dark times and…

Hi all

During vacations all the servers of my school are shut down, so I
will be off line for the whole august. So don’t worry if I don’t seem to
In september with the regular courses, things will return to their “normal”
state. For that reason I was in a hurry to make the release before the
big black out 😉

For the next weeks I am to upload the rectified tutorials and new ones about
making clouds, using UV mapping for volumetrics,shadows, scattering etc.

Good news: In the past weeks I received a huge help from Marc, he sent me through a friend coming to Cuba a lot of resources from the internet that will keep me in the light for the vacations and I also received yesterday 2 presents: one from Grafixsuz with the BBB DVDs and another from bugman_2000 (Tony Mullen) with the book “Introducing character animation in Blender”:

I just have to say WOOOW!!!!

Thanks one more time to those friends scattered across the world!!!!


Dark times and…

3 thoughts on “Dark times and…

  1. delic says:

    Keep the groove on !

    I would like to give some feedback using your builds, but dont know if I should post here, on BA forums or on graphicall …

    Thx a lot, wish you nice vacations !


  2. Grafixsuz says:

    Dude, don’t worry about us folks being impatient with your difficult situation regard internet access. You have given us so much and now that there is a build that we can play with I am sure that is enough to keep us occupied till you get back online. I am just so happy those DVD’s found you safe. I was really worried they went missing in the post or something.

    Now get some sleep when you can, I would like to hear you come back refreshed and back in good health by the time we hear from you again.

    Rock on!


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