Some feedback

I know the current implementation of volumetrics are a bit odd, but I preciate if the artist and adventurers of volumetrics send me some works that you have done with it.

the new Navier-Stokes fluid  solvers will allow incredible FXs and with the blender comunity help I think the sky is the limit 😉

Some feedback

8 thoughts on “Some feedback

  1. Vertex says:

    Can the volumetric engine be used along with particles to simulate smoke?
    Cause i m thinking to develop an SPH fluid/gas solver for Blender and it seems that volumetrics are just is needed to render smoke.


  2. Chubaso says:

    correct me if iam wrong, but i think what u are going to develop is already in development by farsthary. And it seems that he uses his volumetric rendering engine (integrated in bi renderer) for rendering the smoke.



  3. p4veL says:

    My feedback:
    1.I think that UI of your volumetric solution is too complicated. I never get my self over to handle all controls…maybe some tutorial would help.

    2.Why are Volumetrics in Material Tab, shouldn’t be in physics tab? Next to Fluids,etc..? Sounds more logical to me.

    3.How about render time? Some render optimization?


  4. salvis says:

    Volumetrics are material related (fire, clouds, smoke, organic blobs, etc.) so the material tab sounds like a good place to me. Of course rendering them for animation to simulate fluids is just part of the material property and …well there are some physics things there so it does spill over into physics a little, but it all relates back to the material type. Hope this makes sense.


  5. p4vlik says:

    Just like every visible object in the scene it must have some sort of material representation in material tab,ok… but if you need to define dynamic properties(how the clouds and fire will behave) and all what come with it, it needs to be in physics tab…This make sense to me.


  6. vic says:

    mi herma,resucitaste!!!
    Por cierto que rebueno esta eso!!! increible!!! esta fuera de liga!!!!
    oye mijo te desapareciste sin dejar rastro.. pa la otra avisa!!! Na yo se como es la cosa alla. Tuve que aprender html y css en un dia, estoy montando el sitio version o.1, como pude, pero si te interesa y puedes, seria super que fueras el webmaster de la revista…. nosotros disenamos y tu programas(y asi te ganas unos kilitos) tira pa aca si te interesa………….. oye de verdad felicidades por el humito ese… menos mal que no estas aqui sino creo que los del 3ds max ya te hubieran mandado a eliminar…………………… de todos modos hay una pastillita por ahi rondando para ti, puedo olerla……………………… tu sabes!
    cambio y fuera!


  7. ccherrett says:


    The behaviour is part of the simulation not the volumetrics of the material. So materials is the right place I would say.



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