Near physics smokes

As I plan to allow more control than those physically available for
standards simulators here I show a small video with two near real smokes

The first candle like, use an interpolated velocity field of only 32x32x32
to calculate the density in a 64x64x64 field  (faster to calculate than
full simulation) and the second more turbulent smoke use an iterated
vorticity confinement similar therm to boost turbulence.


edit from the blog feeder: the pseudo-Navier-Stokes solver is built inside blender 

Near physics smokes

30 thoughts on “Near physics smokes

  1. Thanks for this demo and your response to my earlier question about the solver. This is great work. I have been using FUME FX at work so I’d like to give this a whirl.



  2. Ruddy says:

    Sienio: he is already aware about it, but the code source has been published only a few days ago, and Farsthary work was implemented in august:
    If it had been published (the code, not the paper, available for Siggraph) a month ago, he would have implemented it for sure! 🙂


  3. wah gendeng mas apik tenan iki wes dang ti dadekno tak dukung wae ngango dungo mugo mugo cepet dadi lan apik mas, merdeka wae mas … 🙂 sori iki boso jowo ngoko mas (java language)


  4. Ruddy says:

    Hi joeedh,

    it should post it at the beginning of september, he makes some cleanup in the raytravelling algorithm and is discussing with Matt Ebb about UI issue.
    Thank you for keeping the work on DSM.


      1. hi anonymous, taking into account the date of those posts … the state of blender at that time and the fact that they are only quick/fast/low resolution tests to show a feature … yes, I think they are pretty decent… you can´t descontextualize a thing … pixar works of the early 90´s are not up to the current standards .. and that´s a fact. I preciate your opinion though and I do recognize they are primitive comapared with todays results. take into account that those where the very first real smoke/fire/volumetric sims in Blender.
        I encourage you to directly email me and enrich me with your experience and advices.


  5. invertedNormal says:

    awesome man! either way it won’t hurt to have two options for smokey things… i’m sure both have their advantages.

    great work, sir =)


  6. Ruddy says:

    Don’t worry guys:
    CG smoke generation and rendering fields are broad enough to provide interest for all the blender devs: and both method are not so different on a algorithmic point of view: see the video from Nils: the first set (smoke generations of a coarse grid with basic viscous model to avoid high CPU-consumption, then extrapolation and smoothing on a finer one) are what Farsthary has already integrated..

    the “only difference” is that Nils smartly adds a post-processing step to look for the parts in the smoke where the speed is the higher. And when speed is high, smoke tends to make vortices: he thus generates little vortices and gives them speed based on their position on the first grid. He uses the wavelet theory to find the right type of vortices, otherwise they could interfere destructively –> strange looking turbulence


  7. toontje says:

    This is sooooo cool. I’m going crazy, my jaws on the ground, wet my pants and Autodesk running for their money. I’m not speechless, I’m gibberish.
    It looks so damn realistic that I can smell the kerosene soot.


  8. I’m in awe.. this is pretty awesome stuff- were you always planning to do simulation things? or is this a new direction.
    In any case, can’t wait to see this finished (and use it!)
    thanks from many blender users.


  9. Dennis F. says:

    Hi! WOW! This is what i was searching for 🙂 Great work!
    Where can i download it :)?

    Or isn´t there a download link to something like this?


  10. Vic says:

    Hey cubanito! That’s absolute insane!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are U trying to get everybody in Autodesk fired?????
    Congratulations my socio! U rock!
    If God is willing I will Help U…. U can be sure!! (even when it seems that U won’t need it, your amazing work is doing this for U)
    Every body notice this!!!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS NEEDING A PILL TO GET OUT OF THE MATRIX!!!!!!! (I hope you understand!!!!)
    Thanks buddy!!!
    (and you all supporting the mos amazing app ever(blender of course!!))


  11. Vic says:

    By the way! Why it isn’t at the blendernation news section?
    How can we add this, this beatiful work deserves it! doesn’t it?
    God Bless Blender!!!!


  12. Vic says:

    Well, it is now at blender nation, they didn’t put what told but it is there now!!! …. we have to promote your job!!! because, who nows, a pill can appear somewhere!!!!!
    Thanks very much Farsthary, for your great, great, great…. job!
    and dedication!!!
    U rocks!!!!
    By the way, U can call to the design institute, maybe they could be interested in blender … and u can teach a conference there!: 07 877 5799
    con la profesora milvia, o Sergio pena (un palito en la ene)… U have to start showing up your job, because U can be at blender institute soon…
    GBU bro!


  13. Tim says:

    You continue to amaze me. First true volumetrics now an excellent fire and smoke generator. I congratulate you on your stunning and most brilliant work. You are supplying spectacular technology to the Blender 3d community. Features that, I believe, many Blender artists have thristed for some time.

    You have a great talent. I only wish I had your skill so that I could implement a volumetric sky cloud system in Blender.

    The Big Buck Bunny animators once upon a time were looking for volumetric cloud sky system, it seems no one was able to supply them with a solution.

    From what I see, maybe one day, you will be able to take the knowledge you have with volumetrics and the fire smoke system, and hopefully, without too much effort, be able make a sky/cloud system with it. This feature is what will, I believe, make Blender a complete tool for doing almost anything in 3d, indoor and outdoor.

    I think every Blender user who uses this technology should, some how, give a donation because the laborer is worthy of his reward. That way this generous and clever developer might be able to dedicate his skills and time for even more features that we have been thirsting for, like the cloud sky system.

    I congratulate you on your great efforts and technical achievements.

    Keep up the great work!!


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