13 thoughts on “Mixing Smokes

  1. Ruddy says:

    Wanted – Alive: Farsthary, For a Reward

    He codes about 4h daily (from midnight to 4 a.m) , so he has given since april 150*4 = 600h of coding!!! Had he been hired for that, it would have been equivalent to about 4 months of a programmer job, so about 10 000 bucks… In one sentence, this guy offers us a giant present!!!

    Please support him (upper right corner link)!
    this is not so difficult to do: as an example even if my bank doesn’t deal directly with a cuban one, it has been possible in less than a month. Beware, for 100€ they have sucked me 20€ so say:” I only give him once a year, but a significant amount”, or find another generous friend to share the expense…

    Anyway, these things are incredible! 🙂


  2. Enrique Arceo(eonmach) says:

    ohh, dios santo, esto es increible, pero una duda entra en mi cabeza, ¿como se controla eso? ¿con partículas? otra vez nos dejaste helados a todos, eres impresionante


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