Cronicles from the Hurricane

Hi all!

Remember when I said that everything could happen in this side of the world?, well recently the hurricane Gustav literally devastate my province and my town. The Hurricane have winds of 340 km/h , imagine that in a town with the majority of the houses of wood and roofs of brick. This was the strongest hurricane in the world, the wind speed devices where broken, the barometers stop counting atmospheric pressure because it reach the lower. This was something hystorical and I testified it in the portal of my house. Trees of centuries where ripped off the ground like grass. Luckly in cuba there where no death. In my house I have no electricity since the saturday, and I will not have untill a week. there’s no telling the magnitude of the dissaster, although it have its beauty:  In no film you will see something like that, nature allways let special Fxs pale in compare to it migth.

The bad news for you are that it will slow my development, before Gustav I was preparing for show a high resolution smoke simulation with the BLI_turbulence noise function that was honestly beautifull (with self shadows also) but it will have to wait until I recover electricity.

my roof top partially blow away and everything inside my house get wet, so I will be busy with my familly in the reconstruction phase.

Its sad, because many things that you kept during your life could get lost in no time, and many plans you have for the future simply blow away with the wind. And luckly I didn’t lost so much compared to other people: many of then literally lost everything…

My best friend, lost his house and because of that he leave to other town to live, so I also lost a friend…

But I have hope, sooner or later things will recover its normal path and after all, hurricanes are very common here and we have in general very little to lose (exept our lives).

So dont worry if I seems to not answer mails, im here, just off…

Regards Farsthary

Cronicles from the Hurricane

21 thoughts on “Cronicles from the Hurricane

  1. inazuma says:

    I think we’re all glad to hear that you’re ok 🙂

    There were thoughts of you over the past week, on the channels. People were concerned that you were alright.

    It’s so nice to hear that you can see the beauty in things that most would consider just horrific. It’s what carries you through life…

    Good luck – and let us know if there is any way we can help you and your family.


  2. webshinra says:

    good luck.
    en anglais j’aurais du mal a développer plus, je dirais simplement la meme chose que plus haut “Volumetrics can wait”, bonne continuation et bonne chance poour la reconstruction partielle de votre maison.


  3. alxarch says:

    Me da mucha pena lo q te paso. Espero q el proceso de recontruccion sera rapido y la vida vuelve a la normalidad. Mis pensamientos estan contigo y toda la gente q sufrio los resultos de este destruccion.
    PS: Manana intentare enviar contribuccion, pero no se el estado de reglas q los bancos tienen aqui en Grecia.

    Buena suerte,


  4. vaya mierda , me gustaria donarte algo pero he leido que no se puede , por el enbargo que mierda asi te podriamos ayudar en blender artists, deberias conseguir algeuin que tengo una cuenta paypal y les das un porcentaje y que te de el dienro o algo asi ,yo creo que blendernation la lee mucha gente y entre todos te podriamos ayudar , te deso suerte , que todo pase rapido e intenta conseguir eso.

    un abrazo y gracias po r tu trabajo !


  5. Tim says:

    I am glad you came out alive and your health is good. God bless, and hope everything gets better soon. Blender users don’t forget to support Farsthary with donations.


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