Volumetrics, a new way

Hi all!

Recently I have comunicated with Matt Ebb and Daniel Genrich to get Volumetric branch integrated into blender, and the feedback was awesome!
Rather than trying (as was my first intention) to develop a full volumetric code that cover to much areas and then integrate it (that could lead to unmaintanable code as the project growth , hidden buggs ,a step learning curve for users and a difficult integration ) its better to integrate first a simplified but stable and very common used part of volumetrics  as a first stage (procedurals,smoke and fire), and once it get its way into blender version, in later version continue adding well tested features, as many big projects gets done. Matt Ebb has done a rewrite from scratch of the volumetric code to a more elegant and physic based one (really a BIG contribution since i’ve being working in an abstract way that are difficult to understand) and Daniel are willing to help in the physic part of voluemtric simulation,   although Im quite uninformated now I want to say that as soon as I get the electricity power on my house back.

But dont’t worry because all the features I promess sooner or later will get integrated, its just that in orther to everything work properly without to much impact to users/blender code things have to be done step by step.
I will readapt my workflow to follow those brilliant minded developers and friends!

Note: Im now very impacient for start again 🙂

Volumetrics, a new way

8 thoughts on “Volumetrics, a new way

  1. grafixsuz says:

    Dude you deserve a medal for where you have taken it thus far.

    I can sense your eagerness to get started again. Great to hear that you have some help with integrating it into the main code.

    Just first things first, a lot of family obligation obviously are upon you. You are one in a million dude.

    Take care!



  2. Haoin says:

    It’s good to see that your great enthusiasm and positive spirit is still there. That will help you a lot to get back on your feet and return to a normal life as before, and even stronger, like with every challenge in life.

    All the community cares for your well-being!


  3. Cristo says:

    This new direction in the physics development sounds exciting!

    As a web developer myself, I understand that sometimes in order to go forward, you need to take a few steps back in order to make things right IN THE FIRST PLACE, so we don’t run into too many problems in the future.

    My hat goes off for you for tackling this holy grail of 3d development!
    We all love you for it and it’s an even greater achievement because of the challenges you’ve been through recently.

    Our thoughts are with you, mate.


  4. Enrique Arceo(eonmach) says:

    Oye, está tu familia bien?, no sabía lo que te había pasado, hermano, espero que todo esté bien por tu casa, vecindario, provincia y país, siempre llegas con una sorpresa agradable para la comunidad, nunca te rindas. viva Cuba, hermano.


  5. Höhrer says:

    Wow, just wow. Now this is devotion.

    I really hope you and your relatives are all right and can get everything back to normal without too many problems. That’s the most important thing.



  6. VIC says:

    I am proud of U my dear brother… Keep going… U are near the heart of God, take it for sure!!!
    I will try to deserve, the freedom I have, because no chains can hold Ur heart back!
    Ur words always inspire me,
    Thanks a LOT little Bro
    from Xion Ur brother Morpheus


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