Nature strike twice!

Hi all!

This time is about the hurricane Ike, that till yesterday was giving torrencial rains over my country and curiously follow the same path as Gustav over my province Pinar del Rio, luckly this was only of 1rs category. Nothing compare tho Gustav but this one do bring rains, that Gustav dosent. As someone say: Its ironical that Im developing volumetrics and nature strike me with some of the most powerful manifestation of volumetrics. But dont worry, Im taking the (powerless ) nights to do some candle/paper programing, as the old times 🙂

this only means more days without electricity, im writting from my college but I cannot work from there 😦

Hope things get better in the comming weeks. I want to send a message to all the comunity and friends that Im save, and  for many hurricane (and volumetric manifestations 🙂 ) that strike me it will not bring my will down 🙂

Thanks to all and cheers from Farsthary

Nature strike twice!

15 thoughts on “Nature strike twice!

  1. Sean says:

    It’s amazing how some of us have every luxury in the world and get so little done, and others get everything taken away from them due to poor circumstances and still continue to thrive in their work. I’m glad your safe Farsthary and eagerly look forward to the results of your “pen and paper” programming. (I used to program that way in college too…now that I think of it, I think I was more efficient that way… no youtube distractions.)


  2. Hey Raul, glad to hear you’re still holding up ok! Just one hurricane would be bad enough for me, it’s good to see that you can get through two of them with courage and enthusiasm intact! Hang in there mate!


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