My little promise…

Hi all:

Unless something happen and I get isolated from the internet or I have no time (Never say never) my little promess with blender is that as long as I can I will be developing or experimenting something for it.

There´s to much out there, to much the 3D world have accomplished rigth now and to much to learn and I will be trying to implement as I learn new things to blender. Currently im focused on volumetrics and the experience and knowledge I gain from this project will make easier to tackle another ones, especially in the Render area.

May be some day the render API will get finished and we could easily plug whathever advanced render out there exist but it will no harm to have a powerfull render in our house as the blender render engine 🙂

So there´s a lot to do.

My little promise…

6 thoughts on “My little promise…

  1. Eonmach Realm says:

    Como estas hermano, espero que todo esté más normal por allá, y pues es una buena señal el que quieras seguir en el desarrollo de Blender, “forever and ever” :), bueno ya sabrás que esta comunidad que rodea a éste programa siempre termina por envolver nuestras vidas, para bien o para mal, así que si necesitas algo ya sabes mi correo…
    cuidate y estamos en contacto, ahh y apuurele con ese fuego y humoooo…quiero quemar algunos personajes inocentes 😛


  2. invertedNormal says:

    your spirit and ambition are very commendable. i hope there is quick recovery for all affected areas in Cuba. i wish for your continued safety and for the continued joy you find in the work you do for yourself and the blender community.



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