And now the bad news…

Well, Im now ashamed because this blog have turned into a whether dissaster blog, first Gustav, later Ike and now (You don´t gonna belive me)

A ligthning strike the cisco routers of the central node in my college during a local ray storm only few minutes after posting here the comment: ¨unless something happen that let me isolated form internet…¨

 Yes, is funny and terrible but Im having the worst season of the year.Im quite uninformed of what Matt and Daniel have done.

@Matt Ebb and Daniel Genrich: Please write me to these mail farsthary84ATno$pamgmailDOTcom that I could not check so often but will do the job while the other get fixed. Im waiting instruction, even if I could do little you know you have my will to go.  🙂

Nothing, I hope the Autodesk guru guys let me be, im just a small guy. 🙂

And now the bad news…

5 thoughts on “And now the bad news…

  1. In Argentina, “La tercera es la vencida” o “No hay dos sin tres”. Any of these means that this would be the last of them… don’t you?
    Farsthary, fuerza y gracias de corazón por el esfuerzo. Ojalá supiera algo de python… Un gran abrazo desde Argentina.


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