Some anouncement…

Hi there!

Before the bad news here I show the video I was rendering before the hurricane Gustav: a video with the BLI_turbulence function advected with trilinear interpolation, soon I´ll finish tricubic interpolation for smothed renderings

And the anouncement is that I will make a last release of this line of development with some things fixed plus smoke and fire for those impatients for the job of Matt Ebb and Daniel Genrich. This release will be also for make publically my last code that although not get integrated could be usefull to someone some day.

I have no planed date now, but will be soon, while I receive from Matt instructions to move foward.

Some anouncement…

9 thoughts on “Some anouncement…

  1. Cristo says:

    Holy smokes!! (Excuse the pun….)
    Dude, this is totally awesome! Looking forward to playing with this sucker…
    You’ve done a great job, man. We’re all thinking of you during these challenging times…. 😦
    Good to see it hasn’t affected your coding ability! 🙂
    Keep it up!


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