Blender on Fire!

Hi all!

After many days in dark im back with new forces, In those dark days Ive being experimenting and researching with vortex methods and finally I have fruits! Ive developed a hybrid velocity-vortex method that allows me simulated rapid violent fires and ripping smokes. Take a look at the video.

Since vorticity confinement tend to dissapear as grid resolution increase it became clear that I need a new method, but existent vortex-particle discretization where not suited to me, so I developed a full semilagrangian hybrid velocity-vorticity for it, expect paper soon 🙂

Hope you like it

Blender on Fire!

39 thoughts on “Blender on Fire!

  1. Sean says:

    I think that is the best looking fire I’ve seen from blender…and I would venture to say it is equal to fire I’ve only seen in AAA games and movies. Good job Farsthary.


  2. Simply stunning, very realistic and compelling. I am glad you are “back in the light” hope all continues well. The Blender community is fortunate to have your involvement. We look forward to continued outstanding contributions.


  3. IamInnocent says:

    Ya, sure, thank you so much : I JUST BURNED MYSELF!!!

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyers…


    Seriously, it warms my heart to see you back in the game with so much gusto!



  4. Nortmobile says:

    It’s funny, I spent all weekend, unsuccessfully, just getting Blender just to compile in Windows. I can’t imagine all the work that this would takes to pull this off. Really amazing work!


  5. invertedNormal says:

    hahaha… that’s better than real fire!… because it’s contained by blender. can’t get burned by this one. astounding work man!!!



  6. UglyMike says:

    WHOA!! Man, that is like REAL fire!! OMG, and I thought Coyhot’s work with that old Jahka patch was great! This fire looks …well, like fire!!


  7. Sergeant Oreo says:

    Hope we like it?! My gosh, we love it!! The brilliance of computer scientists amazes me… I’m glad you have power again Farsthary; and keep up the fabulous work!


  8. VDMpeniel says:

    Hey! Bro how are you and your family? I have been expecting all this time to have news from U! God bless you my dear friend. You will not believe it but I had checked this all days until now and here you are strongest than ever, THAT FIRE ROCKS, now autodesk is thinking to change their agenda and start salling popcorn haha!
    PD: in a few days I want to contac you, I have some questions and some offers for You… we can do something great together…
    I’m so happy for you starting again with this amazing work!!
    Thankyou very much Raul!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your friend and your brother, Vic


  9. grafixsuz says:

    I just swallowed the candy I was eating whole when I watched that. Dude excuse the pun, but your on fire man.

    Words defy me. Just awesome, absolutely beautiful work.


  10. Cristo says:

    Ditto on all the above comments, dude.

    REALLY awesome job. Looking forward to using the fire in some of my personal projects! 🙂


  11. I’m happy to see that the storm hasn’t taken your neurones away!

    You have done an amazing work. Your fire is the most realistic that I have seen, done with a software.

    Congratulations !


  12. induma says:

    You rock!!! You kept on going even with all bad events you had in the past! All I can say, I have a huge respect for you!

    I just hope someday I can pay you back in the form of art since I’m not a coder at all… this fire is already looking HOT! Haha! I wanna play with it already! Somebody, please throw me a latest window build for that before I endanger myself with a real fire… lol!

    Hat off to you, the fury volume coder!


  13. You are a Genius !
    thank your for this video, and for your perseverance (the most important thing for a developper)

    Looking forward to seeing a test build available !


  14. That’s awesome. One of the best fire simulations I’ve seen anywhere! =] I’d love to see that rendered in a really high-res volume grid. Honestly, I’ve read a LOT of papers on these things – and yours look just like the real thing! =]


  15. dan says:

    that is incredible. these volumetrics you’re coding are getting to be on a par with houdini.

    now all we need is a node-based interface for Blender effects….


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