13 thoughts on “Full material system integration with simulation or voxel dataset!

  1. Georg says:

    Awesome!!!!! I really like the volumetrics stuff you and broken are working on. Especially the physics simulations on your side. I do like to play with it all the day and hope to use it in some future projects.

    In a thread on blenderartists.org broken mentioned that an integration of your simulations into the interface woun’t be easy. How do you think about it? Do you already have plans to integrate voxels as a new object into blender?

    I really appreciate the enthusiams people like you put into this projects. Keep on going. Good luck.


  2. Hi,
    thats awsome! i hope your work will be included in blender one day! It would be really really nice 🙂 keep it up!
    Do you have some references how to set up these physic ?


  3. Absolutely terrific! Splendid effects! I’m looking forward being able to produce these sort of things in the futur!
    Thanks for showing! This is encouraging to work on.


  4. P.S. When some of the volumetric stuff gets into the main trunk so I can twiddle with the code, I’m thinking of writing a volumetric painting feature that I came up with…

    Picture it like this:
    *Any material property/colour can be edited volumetrically with a brush.
    *There are various brushes to choose from.
    *You can orbit round a volumetric object and choose the place where the data in the grid will be sliced through and displayed. (could be little arrows or blended colours etc…)
    *The slice doesn’t necessarily have to be parallel to the 3D view’s orbiting camera and can be rotated about the volume separately.
    *You can zoom in and out of the object you are orbiting.
    *Data ‘above’ the slice won’t be displayed, data ‘below’ the slice will. (maybe data above could be onion-skinned instead though) ‘Above’ and ‘below’ referring to where the data is if sampled perpendicular to the plane of the slice.
    *You can paint in two dimensions (parallel to the slice) by moving the mouse with the left mouse button held down.
    *The scrollwheel moves the slice through the volume along a line perpendicular to it’s plane. If the left mouse button is held, it also paints.
    *All the usual stuff will still work (e.g. snap and accuracy keys)

    Alternatively, for nDof devices, it might be even easier to implement.

    So far, I’ve worked out what all the controls could be. It could be a sort of ‘volume mode’, or edit mode for volumes…


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