Second release coming soon

By the end of this week or the next I will release the second build based on my thesis code. It will NOT be the Matt Ebb’s because for thesis purposes I should only use my previous code but it will do include Dataset volumetrics in a primitive but working form.
Since I could not tackle on time the simulation obstacles and the simulator integration and due to the fact that Matt implementation is what will go into the main trunk I should start committing to it as soon as I finish the second build so this will be the last of my current implementation and latter everything will be with the “oficial “
Though it will not be the integrated one it do has few goodies and this release will serve as a gigantic backup (thesis shoul be very secured 🙂 ) and some day could serve to someone who likes to thinker code 🙂 , besides there’s out there few litle GNU 3D gases simulation implementation so this will be another one 🙂
Features it will include (added since first build):
1-“Correct” raytravel distance detection (had few issues regarding multiple intersecting volumetrics)
2- Adaptative sampling in the quality panel
3-Dataset volumetrics with full material integration (stack and nodes)
4-some bugfixes and little improvements
The simulator will be delivered in a separated file and I also will port it to a python script for more enthusiastic folks, that way you could not only load simulation dataset but other datasets (previously converted to the simple file format that blender will read) I also will public the file format.
Hope you will like it 🙂
ps: below some tests derived from the homemade violent fire algorithm.
Second release coming soon

19 thoughts on “Second release coming soon

  1. Blended says:

    Blender is now on FIRE!!
    Everybody clap because you won’t need to pay for 3d commercial apps no more!!!
    Thank you Mr. Farsthary.


  2. joel says:

    Great work farsthary, but unlike others i’ve also got something else but praise..

    I think the fire is looking a bit TO detailed, you’ve stated in previous entry’s that you wanted to simulate rapid fire.. like campfires?

    When looking for some pictures of fires i found these:

    They are less detailed and have smoother shapes.
    Can things like that be changed in settings or arent they?

    When in motion the fire looks super realistic!
    really amazing that this will be in Blender ^_^


  3. WooooOow! That is yet another awesome Blender development. You guys really deserve to be praised for your dedication and intellect. ^_^

    Hoping to see this implemented in the next releases of Blender. Thanks so much!



  4. curious says:

    Was this coded in C or C++ and will you upload the code separately or can it only be downloaded through getting the build that comes with it? Either way, kudos, you have some great skills.


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