13 thoughts on “Stones…

  1. afalldorf says:

    Looks really cool! the second one in the middle looks like coral 🙂
    BTW the windows build I did appears to only work on vista, any suggestions on how I can fix this would be much appreciated.


  2. Cire says:

    This ‘dense volumetric’ function is not in the latest builds yet is it? … I didn’t notice any controls related to ‘thickness’.

    @ afalldorf: As I just posted at Graphicall, your build is working for me on XP.


  3. Cire, the slider was renamed ‘depth cutoff’.

    The slider doesn’t make it more dense, rather it optimises rendering dense materials somewhat by cancelling the ray tracing when it finds the material has reached a point where no more light is being transmitted through. You can make dense materials just by cranking up the density of your textures, and/or the density scale.


  4. Cire says:

    Matt: Thanks … I read that the ‘ERT’ slider was changed to ‘Depth Cutoff’, but I saw a ‘Thickness’ slider in Farsthary’s screenshots, and thought it was separate. It would seem to be redundant, and I did mess around with high densities without the expected results … I’ll have to go back and play around with it some more.


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