Support issues

Hi, this is a friend of Farsthary,

Due to troubles, you can not donate through paypal anymore. In the meantime, if you want to show gratitude, please support the blender foundation and improve your knowledge by buying quality learning material in the blender shop.

Moreover, the foundation may support Farsthary in the future, so please send an additional email to the eshop so that they know you support them thank to Farsthary. For people interested by animation, I also advise this really helpful book.


Support issues

5 thoughts on “Support issues

  1. Too bad that it is so hard to support him. Even though it won’t be of too much help, I’m sure that all of us have Farsthary in our thoughts!

    If at all possible, continue your great work, despite of all extra trouble you have to go through, Farsthary!



  2. Agustin says:

    Why? please tell us about this problem, may be there is an alternative way to help you, may be send you the requiered hardware, or something.

    We know there is problems to deal external affairs in Cuba, but i think that will be better to know why to try find out alternative solutions.


  3. Ruddy says:

    Hi Agustin,

    thank for your interest, but it deals with legal issues that we can not overcome.
    1) if you can do a significant donation, you can make direct bank transfer, however the fees are pretty high (at least about 50$ + percentage)
    2) otherwise, there’s no use for little donations because of the high fees, so instead send him an email to know if he requires something (books,etc..)



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