A delayed post

Hi all!:)

After returning from Havana event Informatica 2009 from February, the 9th-13th, I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to speak about the event. I presented over there a report “Volumetricos en Blender” (Volumetrics in Blender) that was a summary about what volumetrics are, and their development in blender since the beginning of the project. However, because previous speakers took more time than allowed I had to speak in a hurry 😦 but aside on that I met excellent people, many of them being related to blender:

* The cool guys from UCI doing FreeVIUX project (on the right side of the picture below), they have progressed a lot since our last meeting, they even have a 100 pcs renderfarm 🙂


Abel and David and the Big Buck Bunny dvd offered by Grafixsuz (thank again!)

* Junior Frometa, a good fellow who is struggling for making blender the standard tool in a faculty that uses 3dsmax by default, best wishes to them.

* A very smart guy (that like me is working alone) in game development. he also has a blog.


I´m the guy in front of the pc, I’ve changed a little my look since my last picture 🙂

Cheers to all Farsthary

A delayed post

2 thoughts on “A delayed post

  1. Harold(RIve) says:

    HI Raul, I’m Harold from freeviux at UCI . I need your email for communicating and exchange information and news. David have given to me your e-mail, but i think it’s wrong , because it returned to me.

    Hola soy Harold el de freeviux, me hace falta que me des tu correo o que me mandes uno para tenerlo, porque yo se lo pedí a David, y parece que está mal , porque me rebotó, aqui te dejo mi correo:


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