little tutorial

Hi all! 🙂

One of you has asked for it, so here it is: a little tutorial about how to do “solid” volumetrics.


little tutorial

Textures Nodes + Volumetrics

Hi all!

One of the (In my opinion) remaining big features of volumetrics module was the integration with the shader nodes, because it will allow infinite flexibility on the potential
combinations of volumetric textures (vs the 10 textures slots of the stack textures ), but I had that in my todo list before Texture Nodes came to light and guess what? the development of Texture Nodes allows the same result in a better way and is smoothly integrated with volumetrics. So, Texture nodes interact nicely with volumetrics to create any sort of crazy complex combination of textures in unlimited ways, there’s no wall on what could be accomplished (Ok, there’s hardware limit 😉 )
I ‘m glad that I could check that big feature as already done 🙂

Big Kudos to Robin Allen aka Frr who has developed the texture nodes, and again to Matt Ebb for his wise implementation.

Check this images:






Textures Nodes + Volumetrics

Photon mapping coming soon

Hi all

As a gentle gesture with Blendiac and his Wife, I have given to them the photon mapping build and patch so that they can be the first to upload it. I warn that is not a stable build but rather a testing build, like a tech preview 🙂
Though I could have not worked a lot during past weeks (for a good reason 🙂 ) the next week I will take some time to try to finalize the implementation of the final gathering. Despite this limitation, some good results can be achieved with its current status.
I have also to point out that this is better suited for indoor scenes and that the final implementation will came from Matt Ebb hands

Cheers to all and hope you will enjoy it 😉

EDIT: Here is a linux build with photon mapping + test files + a manual patch for experienced builders so that they can compile Win and OSX versions

EDIT2: Big thank to Travisdk, who has managed to use the wild patch to do a window version

EDIT3:Also Big Thank to Allan Brito, who has written a tutorial, and to Inazuma for a OSX (intel) version.

Photon mapping coming soon

More on Lux+Blender

Hi all!

Well, after several days offline I read a Blenderartist thread in a hurry and seems that I need to clarify some things:
Firstly thanks to all that trust in me, as I always try to say, I´m not a big guy, I´m only making efforts to be one some day 🙂
1: Its true that before thightly linking Blender with Luxrender we first need to clean our house: that means implement the Render API and (re)write the render internal to be faster and more future proof than before so this HUGE target will satisfy all blender users. Which also means integration with potentially ANY renderer out there 🙂
2: Although photon mapping is not in the air, it is closer than you may think, but keep adding Official layers of features to the Render Internal will only make the future rewrite harder, but anyway the community will get several toy builds with Photon mapping soon as a technology preview 🙂
3: Although Animation suited Render algorithms are the main features of the BI, this can not be the only target:
High-End renderers often not means very short render times and the best way to go realistically is through unbiased solutions or hybrid biased-unbiased for a balance between quality and speed.
4: Think with the future in mind! many software problems arise due to the fact that when they are written many decisions are taken to solve current problems and the future will do the rest: WRONG
The fact that unbiased or volumetric renderers are slow doesn´t mean that they will always be slow.
Few years in a future 8-16 cores or even more machines will be bargains, why wait till there to have a decent unbiased engine or a volumetric core? GPGPU´s are outperforming CPU´s but they will go for revenge also, so the future is plenty of processing cores, ram sizes, memory bandwidth… better sooner than latter Blender will be prepared for that 🙂
5: Luxrender and Blender are members of the same family, I learn from both and that will be reverted on both, sooner or latter, as long as I am able to access a machine with internet and have time to develop. Blender is and will always be my home, never forget that, and eventually Lux team will join Blender Render team since that is their main goal, so lets start cleaning our house for receiving our brothers!

More on Lux+Blender

A good new :)

Hi all 🙂

Recently Radiance from Luxrender ( have contacted me in order to join efforts to bring Luxrender into blender. Since all the core developers have different goals (are more focused on animation suited engines) or have very little time to work on the integration of Luxrender with Blender I think I will do my best to join to the project to bring Luxrender inside Blender.
I especially liked the elegance of Monte Carlo methods and unbiased renderings with its unmatched simplicity and realism (that we have to pay in render times 🙂 but I think that if Blender along with an animation suited render have also a reference,physically based,unbiased render engine the final software simply will be amazing since it will suit many users needs.
I started the path tracer project in Blender mainly as a learning framework and the main goal was not the official integration since I know that such a project typically will require lots of man/years to end up with something at blender integration level but rather I continue with it in order to ease the pain on future implementations that will be a matter of time before one of the excellent renderers floating in the web land up in Blender, I just don´t thought it will happen so fast 🙂
Once Radiance offer me to join efforts it simply will save me a lot of years and integrating Luxrender into Blender will bring them the necessary critical mass to stand in time. I think is a symbiosis where everyone will win 🙂
Now that thanks to the comunity I have the PBRT book that is the roots of Luxrender and many renderers, I will enter in a learning phase in order to be useful as soon as I can and instead of reinvent the wheel with my first path tracer I will then strive in the integration of Luxrender into Blender
I´m very interested in rendering technologies and this is an excelent oportunity to me 🙂 Luxrender team is very experienced/talented on that and are making things with an incredible quality level so join them with Blender family is simply amazing!

Off course, I will continue my projects in Blender and have plans for even more if God and life allows me that, I´m just making public my next move after I return from a little vacation that I´m having with Blendiac and his Whife, two excelent Blender friends that came to Cuba and has bring me support from the community 🙂

I could not make promess yet and I´m not saying that this will be a piece of cake, because a lot of things could happen along the road but as I always said what I do could sure you is my interest I put on that 🙂
Hope those are good news for you, check the impressive gallery of Luxrender 🙂


A good new :)