Photon mapping coming soon

Hi all

As a gentle gesture with Blendiac and his Wife, I have given to them the photon mapping build and patch so that they can be the first to upload it. I warn that is not a stable build but rather a testing build, like a tech preview 🙂
Though I could have not worked a lot during past weeks (for a good reason 🙂 ) the next week I will take some time to try to finalize the implementation of the final gathering. Despite this limitation, some good results can be achieved with its current status.
I have also to point out that this is better suited for indoor scenes and that the final implementation will came from Matt Ebb hands

Cheers to all and hope you will enjoy it 😉

EDIT: Here is a linux build with photon mapping + test files + a manual patch for experienced builders so that they can compile Win and OSX versions

EDIT2: Big thank to Travisdk, who has managed to use the wild patch to do a window version

EDIT3:Also Big Thank to Allan Brito, who has written a tutorial, and to Inazuma for a OSX (intel) version.

Photon mapping coming soon

18 thoughts on “Photon mapping coming soon

  1. Artisten says:

    Nice, photon mapping is totaly a awesome feature, great!

    Translation for New-Norwegian speakers:
    Eg meinar at photon mapping er eit stort framskritt for Blender!

    I look forward to test renderings 😀


  2. easydream says:

    that is great i was waiting this feature in blender internal for 3 years – yafaray is not so good for me…
    but how about geometry instancing – alt+d and memory limitations, internal renderer still wil allocate all memory for each object or will use instanced geometry ?


  3. atti says:

    i cannot say it often enough: thanks a 1000 times!!!

    one question: can one use the photon mapper to bake GI onto textures? this would be great for faster renders/realtime stuff


  4. BigWings says:

    I would also like to see GI texture baking for lightmaps. This is one feature that seems to be mysteriously absent from all the external renderers.
    Full texture baking support would be a key selling point for me and a large part of the games industry.



  5. grzybu says:

    How to use this patch? It can’t find source files with any p value. I’m in blender dir so I can see source dir but I’ve tried values from p0 to p11 without success. And this patch don’t look like other pathes I saw.


  6. Ruddy says:

    Hi grzybu, here is an answer from Farsthary about this issue:

    “Sorry about the patch
    I have made it with a normal diff (not SVN diff) and I have tweaked manually, so none automated build soft will work. Reading carefully where to patch, it could be done manually. the files added new are photonmapping.c ,photonmapping.h ,sampling.c ,sampling.h in their relatives folders

    After this week I plan to upload one more build
    About the integration, it eventually will get in into Blender , since is a very important feature and Matt Ebb has his hands on it to, so is in good hands too”


  7. Dennis F. says:

    THank you for your work and thanks for that build!

    Please tell me how to use it.
    I enabled GI in the render buttons- but there are no settings i could do (cant find settgings).
    Just rendering with GI brings a scene that looks like no lamp was used :D.



  8. Dennis F. says:

    Thank you! There is a new Build avaiable- now :)?

    FarstHary- thank you SOOO much for your work.
    A Build with Volumetrics and GI- its like a vry good dream ;).

    The next thing should be a SOLIDIFY-Modifier an particle with full geometrical collision detection – or a fracture script whatever- something like a shatter-tool 😀 😀 😀 … yeah blender becomes a VFX-Weapon!!!

    Keep up your good work!

    When i got GI working ill upload testrenders!



  9. Dennis F. says:

    Okay- i have a question:
    Is it possible to make a mesh working like a lightsource?
    Tryed a higher emit value- but that isnt making.
    Any idea?


  10. Ruddy says:

    Hi Dennis 🙂

    I’m not sure that Farsthary can easily answer on his blog, you should send him an email if you have a very specific question.



  11. inazuma says:

    Hi Raul,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just posted an OSX build up on Graphicall.

    And thanks for the beautiful work! I can’t wait to see your work once you’ve worked up some steam with LuxRender (but, still would love to see some love for the BI 😉


  12. Hi Farsthary,

    Thanks for pointing out the tutorial, but it wasn`t big guy who wrote it. The autor of the tutorial is Allan Brito, big guy just posted the link at the blenderartists forums.

    Well, thanks anyway.



  13. Ruddy says:

    Hi Allan Brito,

    Sorry for the mistakes (I had updated the post to quickly for Farsthary, sorry for not controlling the sources)


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