Textures Nodes + Volumetrics

Hi all!

One of the (In my opinion) remaining big features of volumetrics module was the integration with the shader nodes, because it will allow infinite flexibility on the potential
combinations of volumetric textures (vs the 10 textures slots of the stack textures ), but I had that in my todo list before Texture Nodes came to light and guess what? the development of Texture Nodes allows the same result in a better way and is smoothly integrated with volumetrics. So, Texture nodes interact nicely with volumetrics to create any sort of crazy complex combination of textures in unlimited ways, there’s no wall on what could be accomplished (Ok, there’s hardware limit 😉 )
I ‘m glad that I could check that big feature as already done 🙂

Big Kudos to Robin Allen aka Frr who has developed the texture nodes, and again to Matt Ebb for his wise implementation.

Check this images:






Textures Nodes + Volumetrics

13 thoughts on “Textures Nodes + Volumetrics

  1. David says:

    Really cool!:) That looks like the atmosphere on Jupiter. I will have to try this as soon as I have some free time. (Or I could just put off doing my homework;) )
    Thanks for the update.


  2. Sweet Lord that looks good! (Especially that 3’rd screenshot).

    What I wouldn’t give to see that animated with a rotating camera fly-through and the material animated….

    You’ve really done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see it in mainline Blender. Thanks again for all your work on this Farsthary!


  3. Agustin says:

    AMAZING!! Farsthary, i have a very important question… will Volumetrics be implemented in Blender 2.5? I know that left shadowsBufrers and optimizations but i think that it is ready for do a lot of useful thinks.
    Any way, i think that you did a great job!


  4. Josh says:

    WOW! Those look awesome! They remind me of rheoscopic fluid used to visualize fluid dynamics! And that first pink colored render looks like the ectoplasm that took over Manhattan in Ghostbusters II.

    Really outstanding, Raul. Keep up the good work!


  5. Ok, so a couple of comments. I saw a build with Texture Nodes and Volumetrics both included, and that seems to be your aim. If you’re involved with integration or those that are, there are a few key integrated features that are needed still.

    TextureNodes>Input: Density
    TextureNodes>Convertor: TextureRamp (blends between multiple texture base on float)
    MaterialNodes>Input: Density
    MaterialNodes>Convertor: MaterialRamp (blends between multiple materials based on float)


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