11 thoughts on “little tutorial

  1. Thanks ! As its title says, this tutorial ROXXXX ! =)
    And your site is now in my favorites ! (I visit it 4-5 four times a week to see the progress)

    I tryed to make a sponge using volumetrics, and I had some difficulties with the settings. this will help me for sure !

    Thanks again for your work !


  2. Bugsbane says:

    Thanks Farsthary,

    This clears up quite a few of the basics and I’m sure will help me learn much faster.

    This is really appreciated! (as are all your fabulous contributions)


  3. Dave says:

    Hi there, I appreciate what your doing for the Blender community and I’ve been following your progress since the start. Anyway I’m not sure how applicable this is to your cause but I stumbled on some information regarding real time volumetric voxel rendering of data sets, Gigavoxels.


    God speed with your career Farsthary your dedication and generosity is a real virtue.


  4. Ruddy says:

    Hi Dave,

    Farsthary spoke to me about this article about 4 months ago, he’s definitely interested in it! 🙂
    He had contacted the French researcher for possible collaboration, seems that it is in stand-by (perhaps the researcher is a bit busy by now?)


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