Another meeting with UCI guys

Hi all! 🙂

In past weeks I was invited one more time to the UCI college where I met again with those young enthusiasts that are getting better and better every time  (with every visit I have less and less to share with them and more and more to learn 🙂

I was there to share my blender resources since many of you know how difficult is to gather that, but luckily we are now getting a good resource library of blender stuffs, and since the UCI college is the computer science capital in Cuba this is always a good future investment for the blender community

PS: we have our own winter-camp-like picture 😛

Cheers to all




Another meeting with UCI guys

3 thoughts on “Another meeting with UCI guys

  1. […] Cuban programmers have been contributing for a while already to the Blender free software project, a 3D animation and content creation application suite with incredible functionality and possibilities. Cuban programmer Raul Fernandez Hernandez (Farsthary) works on true volumetrics for Blender. He keeps a blog with updates on his project but he also supports the Cuban Blender community and writes about his visits to the UCI Campus and their community-building efforts. […]


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