Pyroclastic volcano explosions

Hi 🙂

Looking for one thing you find another one completely different, and in this case an amazing one!

The simulator I have currently implemented is not for the masses, what I mean is that is not so friendly and is more aimed to programmers and researchers in the fluid field, because as much as I tried to make it simple, is just impossible to learn to adjust its code without knowing fuild dynamics and programming at the same time.

But don´t worry, at some point in the future me or someone else will integrate this feature in Blender (or a simmilar one ), currently is just a framework to test the power of the volume renderer.

But in this framework I have taken some new approaches that I haven´t found on related papers, and being not constrained for 100% stable fluids I could obtain very interesting results of unstable fluids like this volcano-like pyroclastic cloud obtained without vorticity confinement, external field or any special set up, just the inner fluid unstability with unstability control, a feature that I have implemented in my fluid simulator

Another isteresting thing is that this cloud barely required composition and is “just” a 128x128x128 resolution

hope you enjoy it 😉


Pyroclastic volcano explosions

16 thoughts on “Pyroclastic volcano explosions

  1. Amazing as always Farsthary! You make my eye’s very happy, indeed. 😀 I think between the Blender 2.5 recoding, the improvements that are coming for Durian and the work you and Broken have been up to, there is some seriously exciting times for Blender in the next 6 months. That video ROCKS! (Curse wickedly slow internet connections from letting us see more of it!)

    I’d also like to point out how few native English speakers could use phrases like “pyroclastic cloud obtained without vorticity confinement”. I know I sure can’t!

    Keep having fun, stretching the limits and take care. Will call sometime soon to catch up.



  2. inazuma says:

    Nice work, Raul!

    It’s so nice that you’re looking at “alternative” ways of looking at things. Who knows what one can come up with – looking at “new approaches” – that is exciting to me.

    Keep up the great work!

    p.s., if you want to throw together a patch…I’m sure we would all love to play around with whatever research you’re coming up with 🙂


  3. Dennis F. says:

    FartHary … Did you think anytime about making a fluid-solver for blenders particle system … you know tha magic of rollin´ smokes and fire 😀 … if someone can make it real then you!


  4. My greatest appreciation to this community and to the owner and members of this blog. I really appreciate your unity, you cooperation, and your love to the subject of this blog.


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