More on Volumetrics + Texture Nodes

In order to extend Texture Nodes flexibility to handle voxeldata volumetrics (and in turn the rest of the textures it support 😉 I have make a little patch ( ) that include for every texture the vector input like in the shader nodes. Is by no means a redundant feature, in creating new textures is always important to could mix them with different space transformation like only another texture could provide, and in the case of voxeldata textures is very important because that way now some simulation dataset could be used to advect and transform procedural textures that otherwise looks static and that is not the only use case of the vector input 😉

hope you like it 🙂 Farsthary



More on Volumetrics + Texture Nodes

13 thoughts on “More on Volumetrics + Texture Nodes

  1. Wow, there sure are some amazingly fun days ahead when this, and many of other great tools, become available in Blender! It’s great to see these things continuing to move forward. Thanks!


  2. Big Fan says:

    hey thats amazing!
    I am really impressed with what you have done and that you have also given it to the worldwide Blender community.
    I hope you graduate with distinction – is that Platinum in Cuba? 🙂
    I know I’m going to want to make some big scale volumetric swirly stuff like that just to watch it with loop on.


  3. ibkanat says:

    Hey thanks for all the work on this. And congrates on the Gold Title. Any chance of sharing the .blends? I was able to make a build for Linux 64, I’ll post it on graphicsall. Thanks again


  4. david says:

    Good luck Farsthary! Even if you stopped today (please do not), we would all be very indebted to you and Matt for all the hard exciting work.
    I really hope to see both of your work integrated some time SOON.


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