The Day is near

When I first started the volumetric project I was dreaming with the day when I stop coding (temporaly 🙂 and start gathering stats for my thesis document and collecting accumulated resources trough the development project. That was back in that April, now that that time has come

because I have being proposed as a Gold Title (the highest graduation score in cuban universities ), and Gold titles discuss thesis one month earlier than others, that means middle may, I don´t feel so happy.

Don´t get me wrong, Is just that I´m the kind of guy that enjoy the journey and not the destination and as soon as I start to see the other edge of the river I feel a little empty and begins to seek others rivers to cross.

During this month I will be of very little activity, I have to write down my thesis document and perhaps bother some of you with request for help on that 🙂 , many things could happen here but there´s high probabilities that after my graduation in the job states assign me I could continue developing for Blender if I have a minimum internet access, so you won´t get rid so easy of me 😉

In fact I´m very late to start writting the thesis document, my classmates have already done several chapters of their thesis, but my passion for coding and not being distracted for “external” things is the responsible for that 🙂

Resuming: From now to may-june I will make a coding pause (though you know me, there´s no way I do a 100% pause 😉 to focus in my graduation.


The Day is near

11 thoughts on “The Day is near

  1. I wish you the best luck for your thesis! I myself like it more to develop then to write papers, so I guess it’s properly not so wise of me to do a master degree. However, I started it. It would be wasted time if I would abort.


  2. salvis says:

    A Thesis takes forever to write…I hope you do well. It is well understood if we don’t hear from you during your writing time : ) In fact when I wrote mine (It may work different for your school), the professors on my board would review it during the writing process. Sometimes I’d get a whole page or to crossed out and they’d decide to change the layout of the chapter, etc. Hopefully they don’t do it like that for you. : ) However, once it is finished you can appreciate all the hard work that went into it. I wish you well on your Thesis!


  3. camilo says:

    Buena suerte con la thesis, con el trabajo que ya haz hecho, debe ser bastante facil de componer. Felicidades por el reconocimiento. Cheers.


  4. portia says:

    Good luck on your thesis! and thanks for your blender coding work, helping to make it the coolest toy ever! (and more of course)…
    Blender is truly an international community, also!


  5. invertedNormal says:

    it’s funny you mention being the type who, when he starts to see the edge or conclusion, starts to explore other things… other paths. i’m the same way—i think. i think i’m scared of success, but you obviously aren’t… you’re leaps and bounds more successful now than i’ll ever be.

    i wish you the best in completing all of your journeys and reaching the end to all of your paths (if an end exists), and that you find satisfaction in the results.




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