A short post for a big event

Hi all!

this week is my thesis discussion!!!!!
things are a little messy here so little time to post. I want to thank you all because you have made me reach this point and I hope God allows me go on further
Cheers the soon-Informatics-engineer Farsthary 🙂

A short post for a big event

13 thoughts on “A short post for a big event

  1. I shall be holding thumbs for you, sir. I just hope that once you have your qualification that you won’t consider blender devving to be beneath you 😉


  2. I too recently graduated. I wrote my thesis on digital puppetry, and a lot of my research was done with Blender’s game engine — nothing that would take advantage of rendering, unfortunately. But it’s people like us that keep on pushing one vertex of the envelope that makes the whole mesh move (to mix metaphors)


  3. chubaso says:

    Hi Farsthary,

    just wanted to say thanks for all the great stuff u developed for blender, and iam sure that u wont need any luck to do this graduation 🙂 Just enjoy it !

    Iam looking forward for new updates when u finished graduation 😉



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