Another utility of vector input

Hi all!
few weeks ago I have implemented a simple patch for texture nodes, the vector input for every texture node type.
An important use of this feature is that it could transform (distort) a texture based on any input, that means an easy way of animating texture offsets, for cloud animations, etc and transformation, if as an input ,animations textures, time node , simulated datasets (voxeldata textures) are used.

Cheers and see you latter! 🙂

Another utility of vector input

6 thoughts on “Another utility of vector input

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Farsthary, this is Rob (texture node guy)

    I’ve slipped a new texture node called “At” into 2.49a which evaluates its input “at” any coordinate you give it. I think this addresses the same issue, but without adding extra inputs everywhere.

    I hope I’ve understood the problem correctly. Also: wonderful, wonderful work on the volumetrics.


    1. DavidT says:

      Rob, I have tried testing the texture nodes using the “At” node from under the distort menu, but I can’t get it to work as I would expect. I was hoping to animate the coordinates of, for example, a cloud texture node, which is used to translate another texture node. The translation would then be animated over time from the cloud texture’s changing coordinates. I believe that is the issue Farsthary’s method was addressing. There is a thread with more detail at

      Farsthary, I compiled the latest sim_physics SVN, but didn’t see any vector input on the texture node types. Do I need to get the patch from another branch or location?


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