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This is a friend of Farsthary and one of his early supporters. One year has passed since he announced that he would develop a volumetric engine for Blender. Now, thank to his and Matt Ebb’s hard work, this is a reality, and we all wish him good luck for a Cum Lauda PhD.

The DURIAN Project garantuees that all this hard work will be fully integrated in an official blender version and optimized for Movie-quality VFXs.

Support has played a huge role by showing to Farsthary the community’s consideration and carefullness, that keep him hoping despite hardnesses like the terrible hurricanes.

This is why I am introducing today brother sites of other very talented programmers so that they know similar and happy futures:

Janne Karhu for advanced particles effects: you can enjoy hair/fur shown in  the Big Buck Bunny open movie and available since Blender 2.46 mostly thank to this guy: if you support him, be prepared to have more incredible VFX based on the particle system, such as managing huge amount of caracters like birds or people in a convincing way.

Joseph Eagar for NGONS modelling in blender. Here is a comment of Big Buck Bunny artist William Reynish:

I donated to the Bmesh project, and here’s why:
I expect it will make modeling much more enjoyable, faster and more efficient. Not having n-gons is one of the biggest drawbacks of Blenders modeling system. Yes, you can achieve similar results without, and yes, it’s best to have your final models be all quads, but what n-gons help to improve is workflow. Aside from n-gons, Bmesh should make it easier to make create powerful modeling tools, more akin to the ones found in apps like Modo and Silo.
Here’s a video of Silo in action, using n-gons and other tools:…
I see Bmesh as a very important project for Blender, and especially now with 2.5 coming up with its new tool API. I hope Bmesh can make it in 2.5 – also means developers don’t have to re-implement tools twice, one for 2.5, and one for Bmesh

So let us  keep supporting all the restless developpers: they use significant amount of their “lifespan” to give us beautiful CG tools…


Some words

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