FG Basic Tutorial here

Hi all!

I hope this help someone, here is a small tutorial on how set up a basic FG scene

Cheers Farsthary

FG Basic Tutorial here

Where to follow volumetric progresses?

Hi all, this is one of the maintainer of the blog

Just to tell you that many great advancements are currently being added by the great blender dev, main author of the refactored volumetric (sim_physic branch) and artist Matt Ebb. They will be extremely useful especially for people working with datasets, as an example in the medical field. Please check regularly his blog, both him and Daniel Genrich are the great guys who make the integration of volumetrics and smoke simulator possible in the short term, a requirement for the Durian project (a lot of VFXs will be used that for)

Where to follow volumetric progresses?

Using FG build

Though I haven’t made a small tutorial about using FG (should I have done before released) I want to mention an important factor that have to be taken into account: Normals

normals have to point at the same side where ligt is, for example in a typical cornell box scene the interior small boxes should have thier normals in the default creation direction, that is , outside them , but for the enclousing box, the walls, normals have to be inverted pointing inside.

If some scene give you troubles try with normals. I will upload soon a small tutorial if someone don’t do that first because many people are already experts in FG 🙂

I’m gladd even that some issues have being fixed, thanks to all 🙂

Using FG build


Hi all!

If I have ever seemed as I haven’t give proper credits I apologize for that, I always say that i’m standing on the shoulders of giants and in open source development if there’s no money what at least a developer expects are credits.
I want to thanks Matt Ebb for all of his help in volumetrics and photonmapping/Final gathering, seems that in my last post I haven’t mention him.

I feel really sad every time a normal-because-we-are-humans small issues arise with a blender dev, perhaps I should work on myself to be less sensible. I don’t like subjective numbers but I will make an estimate about my collaborations on the Sim_physics branch Farsthary: 10 % Matt Ebb: 90%
in Photon map/Final gathering i have made a release but Matt’s code is several times better and is what will be officially committed, I’ve said that from the very beginning:
Photonmap/Final gathering Farsthary 30% Matt Ebb 70%

I also want to thank the countless names of the blender community that have helped me and although they don’t have written a single line of code one way or another has influenced in the causality chain, even the single line mail: go on! is a contribution and I appreciate that.

And up above I want to thank my parents that have give me live and have made so many sacrifices to allow me to do this sort of stuffs because what I do here is simply a luxury even for the ‘well positioned’ families here. They are the true heroes of my history.

Cheers to everyone Farsthary

PD: I’m not thinking clearly now, hope next posts will be more optimistic.


Multilight set ups now work as expected…

Hi all!

I have found a really silly bug preventing multiple light set up to work correctly, it was only a misplaced parenthesis but for builders will be easier to simply replace the old photonmap.c file with the corrected one aviable in http://www.pasteall.org/6323/c

here is also a new multiple light set up test .blend file:

and some test images, hope you like them
FG t1m31s

fm 23s

T 1min 31s

Multilight set ups now work as expected…

The Smoke simulator is being integrated!

Hi all, this is one of the blog maintainers.

For those of you who are still not aware about this, our beloved Daniel Genrich started a few weeks ago the integration of the smoke simulator inside blender! In addition to that, this includes volumetric preview in blender 3D view, and the highly realistic smoke algorithm from Nils Thuerey. Big Kudos to him!

So stay tuned by regularly checking his blog

He’s also planned to buy a brand new computer to quickly perform simulations to speed up his development process, so you can consider small donations so that he can buy a killer computer (the donation bar is above 100%, which means that he can buy a good one,  but with 200% he could buy a core i7 system allowing him to run algorithms in fractions of minutes..).

Once the integration is done, this will greatly ease Farsthary’s job of integrating his cool VFXs, such as the instable fire or the pyroclastic smoke (explosions).


The Smoke simulator is being integrated!

Thanks to everyone

note: this post was planned 2 weeks ago, but the main blog’s manager was not available to feed the blog

I recently returned from a national scientific student colloquium in Matanzas city, where I showcased volumetrics in blender; I got there lots of congratulations from other students that also like blender 🙂

I was very pleased to receive congratulations emails because June, the 8th, was my birthday also (everything good have came together this month 🙂 )

this is a short video about myself in my thesis discussion, I haven’t included audio because I have recorded that without sound 😦

hope many of you know me better now than in stills   🙂



Or one at YouTube with music:


Thanks to everyone