Final Gathering test build ready

Hi all 🙂

As the title says, the first FG build is ready for public test,

I repeat, is an experimental and not production ready build but hope you enjoy them.
Currently is non optimized and in the future many parts of the code should be redisigned but still some good results could be achieved.

is better suited for indoor scenes contrary to AO that is for outdoor scenes.
The user could choose between raw photonmapping and Final gathering.
the patch is against the2.49a tar ball

Hope you like it

Cheers Farsthary


t 1min 6s  OSA 5 8 samples lamp FG

t 2min 55s

Final Gathering test build ready

9 thoughts on “Final Gathering test build ready

  1. Daerd says:

    wow! what can I say? final gathering must be such a good feature for it to produce such beautiful renders.

    looking forward to seeing this mainline. you definitely deserve the attention and prestige that only a core blender developer whose code has gone mainline has got!


  2. Damn your renders look beautiful!

    As you have a good knowledge of the rendering algorithm, I would like to ask you a question: Would it be difficult to program a Map to IOR option for textures?

    I just thought it would look cool if you had a billboard emitter with a small cloud as its texture, which is mapped to the refraction value. You could use that for ascending heat and similar stuff (it’s also possible to do that with compositing, but I think it would look much better raytraced).


  3. pxl666 says:

    excellent work Raul!!!

    would u like to post some kind of a tutorial how tu set up and use FG/photon – what kind of lights and scenes etc???

    cheers bro!!


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