3 thoughts on “Zip file of all the files for Final Gathering Test Build

  1. Dragos says:

    Quick Bug Reports:
    – bounces needs to be > 3 for something to actually work
    – shooting diffuse photons is VERY VERY slow for large scenes and for scene without walls (where the lights are not trapped inside enclosed areas); this is not normal and the shooting phase should be very fast because the photons are just emitted/stored at this stage (if they hit any surface); As an example for a scene 1000x1000x300 with one light and 100 photons it takes 20 minutes just to shoot the photons.


    1. edna says:

      Looks like fun. Any chance of a 5 line tutorial? I’ve worked out that I need to turn on “GI” in the Render buttons and can fiddle with the Photons/Bounce settings. What else do I need to enable/do? Just getting a black scene at the moment. Thanks.


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