Hi all!

If I have ever seemed as I haven’t give proper credits I apologize for that, I always say that i’m standing on the shoulders of giants and in open source development if there’s no money what at least a developer expects are credits.
I want to thanks Matt Ebb for all of his help in volumetrics and photonmapping/Final gathering, seems that in my last post I haven’t mention him.

I feel really sad every time a normal-because-we-are-humans small issues arise with a blender dev, perhaps I should work on myself to be less sensible. I don’t like subjective numbers but I will make an estimate about my collaborations on the Sim_physics branch Farsthary: 10 % Matt Ebb: 90%
in Photon map/Final gathering i have made a release but Matt’s code is several times better and is what will be officially committed, I’ve said that from the very beginning:
Photonmap/Final gathering Farsthary 30% Matt Ebb 70%

I also want to thank the countless names of the blender community that have helped me and although they don’t have written a single line of code one way or another has influenced in the causality chain, even the single line mail: go on! is a contribution and I appreciate that.

And up above I want to thank my parents that have give me live and have made so many sacrifices to allow me to do this sort of stuffs because what I do here is simply a luxury even for the ‘well positioned’ families here. They are the true heroes of my history.

Cheers to everyone Farsthary

PD: I’m not thinking clearly now, hope next posts will be more optimistic.


3 thoughts on “Credits

  1. shinji says:

    Hi Raul, first I want to say to you a very “BIG THANK” for the extraordinary effort you put in your hard work to make blender a better software.

    Then, I can understand very well your mood and, for the little it can do, I encourage you with all my force: bad moments pass away but your strenght and your consciousness remain there to give you new encouragement and determination to push your work even further.

    Best wishes, man!! 😉


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