Using FG build

Though I haven’t made a small tutorial about using FG (should I have done before released) I want to mention an important factor that have to be taken into account: Normals

normals have to point at the same side where ligt is, for example in a typical cornell box scene the interior small boxes should have thier normals in the default creation direction, that is , outside them , but for the enclousing box, the walls, normals have to be inverted pointing inside.

If some scene give you troubles try with normals. I will upload soon a small tutorial if someone don’t do that first because many people are already experts in FG 🙂

I’m gladd even that some issues have being fixed, thanks to all 🙂

Using FG build

4 thoughts on “Using FG build

  1. Ben Dansie says:

    Thanks for the tip and more importantly thanks for the work you and Matt keep pouring into the renderer! I love it already!



  2. Hello.
    Congratulations for your graduation.
    I would like to thank you for the work done and you will be doing.
    I hope that your code is integrated into the official blender realize.
    thanks again and not give up.
    hello from italy.


  3. My greatest appreciation to this community and to the owner and members of this blog. I really appreciate your unity, you cooperation, and your love to the subject of this blog.


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