10 thoughts on “FG Basic Tutorial here

  1. Dennis F. says:

    Thank you!
    How can i make things glow (like emitting light?).
    Is there a trick? Beacuse real emitting will not work you told me :(.



  2. Max Puliero says:


    just a question

    why you dont join to Yafaray team? I think yafaray is the best, almost complete,interfaced render engine 🙂 for biased users 🙂

    I think you can add your experience to that project 😀


  3. Max Puliero says:

    ahahah… I’m totally noob about programming…

    but I dont know if is possible to “merge” your work in yafray or viceversa.

    anyway you are a king.



  4. Ruddy says:

    Hi guys,

    Don’t worry if you don’t have quick answer: Farsthary can hardly get connected because he’s no more a student with “easy” access to academic computers… Moreover, as he has little available time everytime he get connected, he’d rather check his email than answer on his blog (the computers at the university are buggy/slow with wordpress, that’s why he let other people feed his blog)..

    So, if you want to have an answer, send him an email (see the supporters page) and wait for a few weeks…

    Usually I try to keep in touch (about how to use the tools) with Matt Ebb and Farsthary’s development, but I was very busy this month, so sorry I can’t give usefull informations to help you…

    @Max: Farsthary has chosen to work with the Luxrender team which develop something very similar to Yafray (but with an unbiased option) in order to improve its integration with blender (ex: support for hair,etc): http://www.luxrender.net
    So if he can, he will both keep improving blender internal renderer and Luxrender…
    About chosing your renderer and having a tight integration with blender (ex: integrated renderlayer), this should be possible in about one year with the render api project (http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Design_docs/Render_API), which should make possible to write powerful script to allow external render to communicate with the different parts of blender such as the compositing pipeline…


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