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Hi, this is again a friend of Farsthary,

First, I would like to thank him for letting me do this on his blog, this is all about receiving and giving back support..

Daniel Genrich’s received great support for the simulator integration project, as he’s received about twice as much support as  expected! 🙂  he’s been doing great progress, so a concept of simulator should be available when the Durian team starts (and then it will be improved according to their needs). He will told us when his source code will be available

Janne Karhu (aka jahka) has also thanked the blender enthousiasts for their support. (take a look on the TODO list on his site: it must be an impressive amount of work, so let’s keep donating). He is directly committing his progress in the Blender2.5 branch, so just grab one of these builds on graphicall.

Joseph Eagar is also very grateful, but personal reasons could postpone his work on this project: He’s chosen the donation system at the very beginning to work half of his days on it and thus quickly integrate it. However, because of troubles he needs additional support to continue working a significant amount of time on it and finish it in a few month (remaining work consists in bug fixes and rewriting the mesh modifiers with the new system, the core being already operational thank to the hard work of Geoffrey Bantle aka Briggs, original designer of this neat system (Kudos to him!). Even if you don’t care about NGONS (“Evil! quad topology rulz!”), you should keep in mind that this a only an extra consequence of this new system, and that the main advantages consist in adding a LOT more of flexibility in blender modelling tools (having a worklow similar to the Wings3d one), easing the writing of fast mesh editing scripts, having a cleaner source code to speed up the debugging process.. Here are comments of famous blender dev Campbell Barton aka Cambo (Big Buck Bunny & Yo Frankie! dev, is to be hired anew for Durian, main coder behing Blender Python API…) about this:

Writing mesh tools with editmesh (note: current mesh editing system) is incredibly annoying, there is no easy way to know any connectivity info, like what faces are connected to a vertex, or what faces use an edge.
You end up needing to write code to calculate this for each tool, It makes the tool run slow, makes development slow, and makes the code messy.
Basically cool modeling features become a lot more annoying to write, so BMesh solves this and other problems
Personally I think BMesh is as important as 2.5’s event refactor.

 So if you don’t want to wait for ages and in the same time help a blender dev who has already shown his dedication (he’s been working on BMesh for more than 6 month before setting up this blog and the donation system, merging the 2.5 branch with it and adding new editing tools, doing a lot of bugfixing, etc), and if you can afford this, please help this project to be done in time: remember, speeding the integration will avoid work redundancy, and thus will save the time of others devs for others tasks (ex: Brecht and Ton won’t have to port the old mesh editing system to Blender 2.5 and will work instead on other important tasks). More importantly, like for the others project, the new system will be heavily tested by the Durian team.

Personnaly I”ve done a significant donation to this project, and hope that if you can you will do, even a small one, to help him now..

A huge thank in advance for the support


Sorry for the advertising…

3 thoughts on “Sorry for the advertising…

  1. accessoire says:

    I hope I can do some freelance jobs soon so I can donate money to BMesh. I wanted to donate for it but ironically I also have to pay exactly 2000€ because of health issues :/.


  2. Marcus says:

    Hi to all,

    BMesh is also important for the development of new decimate modifier functionalities, which would make retopoing high res models much faster.

    see here at botoom of teh page:

    Daniel Genscher, who is working on it wrote:

    “since the user feedback on decimate was quite low and Blender is still missing the requirements for integrating it nicely (keyword BMesh) I did take a look at another work of Nils Thürey…”

    so let’s get BMesh ready and then motivate Daniel with some comments and donations…


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