My current status and contact

Hi all

Currently I´m in the period that i call the dark times, in vacation the college close and on top of that now that I´m no longuer a student, my internet access is denied. Luckly in september I will get a job with internet access again and that is all that I need.
Off course, I´m not wasting time, I have a lot of resources now to learn, thanks to the incredible support from the community, and as my friend marc told me , I´m now in a point where in order to move further I need to take a pause to learn, so this Dark time is no so dark after all.
I will not rest untill be online again, there´s currently lots of things happening in Blender and blender related world… and missing it is very frustrating 😦
But on the other hand I´m happy for the big shake that Blender have received in recent years, there´s no turning point now except for becoming better and better 🙂

I want to appologize for not answer now emails, I´m hand tied , I´m also miss to post in bf-committers, in the forums and also the luxrender team that due to their dev speed , excelent quality and my connection troubles I haven´t being able to catch up yet.

But don´t worry, one way or another I will be back soon, my email echelon@infomail…. is no longuer valid so use instead and also thanks to your support I could get a mobile phone so feel free to call
me at +53311222.
I will be very happy to talk with friends (just check timezones 🙂

I want to send my greetings to all my friends of the Blender community and Luxrender community.

Cheers to all and see you soon Farsthary

My current status and contact

6 thoughts on “My current status and contact

  1. good things will come, don’t worry everything going to be fine… take that time to learn, to focus in what you want, and made it true… no so dark, always the comunity will be near, cheers and come back soon 🙂



  2. 3dcreator says:

    Yep, we will be waiting for You and amazing stuff You do. Tip: besides learning get some rest too, it’s also important.


  3. grafixsuz says:

    Dude we are always truly happy to hear that you well. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that you are being blocked off from contact via the internet, but I can assure you we are still looking forward to any news of your being well.

    Like 3dcreator said, get some rest, one thing I also fail to do, but right now is a great time for you in retrospect to sit back and look at things from different angles. You are an amazing person with amazing drive. Just hang onto that .



  4. Mobile phone? Then i think there is a missing 52 after the 53. Anyway, will send you a mail to confirm, i also got one a moth ago and I could keep in touch with you.


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