About my future GI plans in Blender


Currently the GI is queued in my todo list because many projects and changes are on the render area so I keep it on hold until everything get stable enough (raytrace optimizations,2.5, render api, etc) though with the render API we may end up not needing urgently a GI solution I think that anyway Blender should have a GI solution, being able to plug whatever into Blender render pippeline is not an excuse for not having a high end rendering solution and falling behind sleeping in laurels. Why not build the Render Internal as one of the big renderes out there?

Blender as a whole is now something to take into account, lets make its rendering solution also something to take into account.

Though it will require time… I have hope 🙂

Cheers to all Farsthary


About my future GI plans in Blender

8 thoughts on “About my future GI plans in Blender

  1. Getting volumetric into Blender took time… and now it’s there. 🙂

    I agree that the default renderer in Blender is important. 99.9% of users will never use any other renderer. 99.9% of users will form their opinion of Blender based on the default renderer. GI is a very important step forward for this.

    Muchos gracias por sus labor mi amigo!
    Espero que usted y su familia están bien.


  2. wayneberry says:


    this is very exciting Farsthary 🙂

    good GI will help blender soo soo much 🙂

    keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing what you come up with


  3. ShilaM says:

    Real radiosity (a la POV-Ray), or Global illumination as many say, is a must nowaday. It should be extraordinary to find it in Blender 2.5 – Durian project, but knowing you still think at it, even if it could be after Durian is astonishing :-))))

    All the best!


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