Slow learning steps

Hi all 🙂
I’m reloaded again 🙂 , at work I have a new email and a new internet account so no more fear of being offline for long times 🙂 , though not blazing fast, will allow me to continue working for Blender for several years 🙂
my new email is

Regarding the Voxel Sculpting project, I’m very happy because I have to learn a lot from other areas like Blender UI and event system that at the end will give me deeper understanding of the Blender arquitecture. Joe is helping me a lot with my silly questions.
I still have to learn how to access from the UI to the parts of the new Object I have created, but things start to look ok. I have to point out that this screens don’t show the final look of the voxel objects in Blender. this is only an intermediate representation for debugging/experimenting. I plan to implement several drawtypes depending on the nature of the voxel object: scalars, vectors , etc.

Provisional voxel object representation
Provisional voxel object representation
Slow learning steps

8 thoughts on “Slow learning steps

  1. good that you have frequent access to the internet since i believe your projects and ideas are worth to be shared. i really enjoy your effort and hard work you put into these things but also your talent of sharing the coding stuff with ‘us’ blender users and artists all over the world. thanks a lot.


  2. farsthary says:

    @Wahooney : Yes, that is a fundamental part of the project. the goal of voxel sculpting is producing mesh models as output for the rest of the blender modules 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for your comments 🙂


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